Book Review: The Everything Box


Richard Kadrey’s The Everything Box (2016) is a story about a peculiar angel. God tasked Qapshiel, the peculiar angel, with destroying the Earth. In order to do this he gave him a tool. A small box containing the apocalypse. All he needs to do open and…everything will end. Qapshiel is about open the box and he realizes he lost it. He needs to find it before anyone else does. If he doesn’t, someone else might open it and it would make him look bad, a human doing his job. He would never live it down.

I really liked the tone if this book. The dialogue and character interaction made the story fun. Kadrey did a fantastic job at giving each character in the story their personality. Even the secondary characters got enough attention for me to like them and care what happened to them. This book is not a long one, but it felt long. I don’t mean this in a negative sense. I wanted the story to go on because the world Kadrey is so interesting, I wanted to explore more of it.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and read this book. The subject matter looks like it’s religious, but it really isn’t. Kadrey is not trying to push his viewpoint on religion on the reader and instead gave us a fun adventure.

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