Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill

Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill

Stephen King’s THe Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill (2012) is the culmination of a five-book prequel to The Dark Tower novel. At this point in the story, we find our hero, Roland, at his lowest point. His homeland has been invaded by the dark lord and he has nothing but his friends left. He has to do everything in his power to stop the dark lord and his army to save the dark tower.


This is a dark story. I call it dark because it is so on two levels: the tone of the illustrations and the sequence of events are also dark. Every other book in the series feels like a Hamlet story. The death of a king and the young prince trying to fill his father’s place. Before anyone says anything I get that this is not the exact plot to Hamlet, but still this reminds me of it. It’s good though.

Bad Guys

One of my favorite aspects of this story is the depiction of the bad guys. They are the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Just chilling. All of them. You wouldn’t want to meet them, they’re one of the scariest looking things I have ever seen. They add a sense of danger to the story because the protagonist is so much younger than they are. It makes you worry about him.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Stephen King fan, you need to read this book. If you’re not, please start with the first book and prepare yourself for one of the creepiest, most immersive story you’re ever going to read.

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