Book Review: The Chronicles Of Riddick

Alan Dean Foster’s The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004) is the novelization of the movie by the same name. In this book we find Riddick, the protagonist, living alone on a cold planet. A group of mercenaries come hunting for him to collect a reward on his head. He manages to overtake them and he goes hunting for the person who put a price on his head. From here, he discovers the one who put a price on his head is not an enemy but a friend.

Expanding the Character

Vin Diesel plays Riddick on the movie. The character is a tough man with little patience for any sort of frivolity. As a a result, Riddick doesn’t say much, he prefers to act instead of talking. This makes the character feel a little shallow. He doesn’t share with anyone anything about his past and he doesn’t have many friends to dialogue with. This book fixes this issue. Because in this book we can hear Riddick’s thoughts, it gives the character more depth. I cared a little bit more about the Riddick in the book than the Riddick in the movie. In the movie, he plays an antihero. The book paints him more of a hero, showing the reader more about his background made it easier to care about what happens to him.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. I read it after watching the movie and I can safely say I enjoyed the movie better. There are a few differences between the movie and this book, but they’re not so different they alter the end of the story. I highly recommend this book. If you are a fan of the movies, you need to read this book.

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