Book Review: The Battle Of Tull

Robin Furth’s The Gunslinger: The Battle of Tull (2012) is a graphic novel based on the main character of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels. In this novel, we find Roland—the gunslinger—on the hunt of his enemy, the man in black. He reaches a town called Tull. He decides to stop by and he realizes there’s more to the town than meets the eye. It will take everything he has for him to survive.

Setting and Motivation

This book feels like a western. The story feels real and the difficulties Roland experiences feel organic and insurmountable. I liked how the book showed readers a little bit more of Roland’s past. This made me feel invested in the story and made Roland more sympathetic.


The illustrations and coloring of the book are really good. There were instances where the events I was reading felt like a movie. The tone of the story jumps out of the book. I could almost smell the desert air and hear the slightly out-of-tune piano playing in the saloon.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book. It felt more active than the previous book in the series. If you are a Stephen King fan, you gotta read this book.

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