Book Review: Finder

Suzanne Palmer’s Finder (2019) is a story about Fergus Ferguson, a space repo man. He has been hired to get back a ship—Venetia’s Sword—and his hunt has brought him to Arum Gilger. In other words, the guy who stole the ship. It also happens to be that Gilger is a power hungry boss and he’ll do anything in his power to keep the ship. Fergus needs to hatch a plan to get the ship and escape alive.

Interesting Premise

I enjoyed reading this book. Fergus Ferguson is a likable character. Palmer did a great job in endearing Fergus to the reader. On top of this, Fergus is dropped into a fascinating universe. Palmer did achieve a perfect balance between giving the reader enough information about the world to make it believable but not too much to bore the reader. The hunt for the key as Fergus weaved the obstacles he encountered were presented in such a way to draw me in and keep the pages turning.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend Finder to any sci-fi fans. The book might be light on technical details about living in space, but it has a story to keep anyone interested. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

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