10 Questions I Would Ask An Angel

I have always been curious about many things in the Bible. The more I studied it I realize that there was a group of beings who might know the answer to my questions: angels.
I am a christian. I am fully aware I should only pray to God but, if I ever get the chance to speak face to face with an angel I have the following questions to ask him:

1.What is God like?
The Bible does a pretty good job of describing God. It goes into details as to what he likes and doesn’t like. I would still like to know what an angel has to say about God. It’s one thing to read about someone but, it’s another thing entirely to see them face to face and interact with him. There are many quirks you can learn about a person and I’m mostly curious to know if God has any.

2. How old are you?
I’m mainly looking for what they use to measure time. Would they answer in years? Centuries? Will he give me an answer in the form of riddle? Kinda like what first-time parents do when you ask them: “How old is your baby?” and they answer “42 months.” I just smile and nod. I don’t wanna do math.

3. What is Jesus like?
The Bible teaches that there is no one in the universe who knows when Jesus will come back (Mark 13:32.) Jesus included himself in the list of people who don’t know when he is coming back. In my opinion, that makes him a completely different entity from the Father. I am fully aware that countless of theologians have debated the trinity for generations and I don’t think I’ll be able to figure it out in a single blog post. But, in my humble opinion, Jesus’ statement leads me to believe there are three of them. If that if accurate, they might have different personalities.

4.How was Lucifer before he fell?
I know Satan is bad. I also know he is devious, smart and a master strategist. But, how was he before he fell? I thought of this question after hanging out with my friends. We were in church after a services and we just started talking. There were 4 or five of us, all guys. The topic of conversation ranged from the Marvel cinematic universe to what we thought might happen in the Star Wars universe. It was a majestic hang. Did Lucifer hang out with other angels before he fell? Did he tell jokes? I am really interested in what this angel has to say.

5. Do you disagree with God?
One of the pastors in my church said that the only way to truly know if you are obedient is if you disagree with the order you’ve been given. I understand Adam and Eve fell from grace by sinning against God. Lucifer also had a similar fate because he went against God. Do angels have the same choice? Do they still have the same choice?

6. Do you learn?
There is an old saying: Necessity is the mother of invention. I always wonder what would have happened to mankind if Adam never fell and we still lived in the garden of eden. Would technology be as advanced as it is today? Humans are naturally curious, are angels the same way?

7. Were you friends with some of the angels who followed Lucifer?
I’m very interested in profiling. I watch all the criminal shows on Netflix. Is there a common personality trait present in all the angels who fell? Are angels prone to misbehave like humans are?

8. Is there anything on Earth that you like?
Do angels have preferences? Have they ever tasted vanilla and chocolate ice cream?

9. Can you invent something new in Heaven?
Is there technology in Heaven? Will there be internet in Heaven? If not, where and how will people post pictures of their foods? Where will the heavenly server full of cat videos be located? Are emojis doomed to be an Earthly delight?

10. Is there something you regret?
I’m basically looking to understand how closely related angels and humans are.

These are the questions I would ask an angel. Know this: I will never pray to an angel. All of these questions would have to be asked through a God pre-approved sanctioned conversation with an angel. I pray frequently asking the Father these questions and he hasn’t answered me yet.

What questions would you ask an angel? Let me know in the comments.

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