Life Does Not Fit Nicely Into a Story Arc

If a story has no problem to overcome, it’s a boring story. Conflict needs to exist in a story in order for the story to work. I still remember the first time I heard about conflict in a story. It was in my English class in high school. I remember my teacher going over the different types of conflicts:

  1. Man against man
  2. Man against himself
  3. Man against technology
  4. Man against nature

Those are the ones I remember. There is chance new types of conflicts exist since I was in high school. But, these are the ones I can remember.

Think of your favorite movie, book or comic book. More than likely it will have one of the types of conflicts I mentioned above. The concept is simple, the hero has to figure out a way to overcome the difficulty. Sometimes they do it and sometimes they don’t.

Life is filled with difficulties. Yes, there are a series of happy moments but, there are difficulties present too. We are all in the middle of our story. Some of us think it’s a tragedy and other know for a fact they are living a comedy. The one thing every human being has in common is difficulty.

The bible tells us that life on this world is not going to be problem-free.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

I am a christian and I believe God has my life in his hand. I believe Jesus is my savior and even though those truths help me get through life, I know problems will crop up in my life. They’re unavoidable. The best thing to hope for is getting help to overcome the problems.

If you think your life is a bad story, take heart. There is still hope. Your story isn’t over. It is not over, it’s not a tragedy. Look for God. He will help you make sense of your difficulties and tribulations. He’ll help you get through them.

Life does not follow a neat line. it meanders and the path you are traveling of doesn’t make sense. Seek God. He can help you. He’ll never leave you and will tell you what you have to do.

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