The Fall (Paperback)

Witness the fall of Satan through the eyes of an angel who lived through it.

Aren and the other angels are tasked with finding the new king of Earth. Lucifer is on hand to help complete the Father's mission.

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About the Book

Aren is an angel created in Heaven. God the Father tasks him with a mission along with his angel brethren. The mission: to find a king to rule over all of Earth. While Aren carries out his orders, he learns how different things can be on Earth from his home in Heaven. He must consider the consequence of every action as he completes his mission.Lucifer has a different opinion of Earth. He sees his time on Earth as an opportunity to show God how to make everything better. All he has to do is wait and ask for help. When the time is right, he will execute his plan and show everyone what he is capable of.

Series: Eternal Betrayal Series, Book 1
Genres: Adventrue, Fantasy
Tag: Fiction
Format: Paperback
ASIN: 1724047043
ISBN: 1724047043
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About the Author
Ezra Carias

Ezra Carias is a christian writer and bassist living in Miami, FL. He was born in Honduras and moved to the United States in 1994. Ever since then, he has volunteered in his local church as a musician, youth group leader and sound man. After learning to play the bass in his home church, he decided to pursue music as a career in college. He graduated from Florida International University with degrees in Music and Business administration. He was the electric bass teacher at Insituto CanZion Miami for eight years and served as Musical Director in the church Casa de Júbilo for a number of years.

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