Book Review: Your First 10,000 Copies

Tim Grahl’s Your First 1,000 Copies (2013) is a manual for any author wanting to know how to launcha book. I stumbled on this book after listening to Tim’s podcast. HIs podcast is a fountain of information for any author looking to learn how to launch their book.

Clear Instructions

Tim goes into great detail to explain to his readers how to launch their book. This book was a treasure to find. It gave me a blueprint as to what to do whenever I launch my next book. The author does not hold anything back in this book. He gives clear examples and what to expect of whatever you do.

Final Thoughts

I’m not saying that if you follow all the advice in this book you’re going to become a millionaire in 24 hours. But, it’s definitely the best first step in creating a launch plan for a book.

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