Book Review: Writing Fiction For Dummies

Everyone has to start somewhere. There is nothing more intimidating than knowing what you have to do and not having the knowledge to do it. Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy’s book Writing for Dummies (2009) will teach you the skills you need to write fiction. This book goes over in detail over the many genres. The authors go in-depth as to what makes each genre unique. They also give you advice as to what mistakes you can avoid to not look like an amateur. This book brought a mammoth task—writing a book—and made it accessible to everyone.

Simple Foundations To Complicated Concepts

As I read this book, I couldn’t believe how simple they made the steps to writing good fiction. I’m not saying anyone who reads this book is going to be a perfect writer, but they point the reader in the right direction. The only thing the reader needs to do is to take action on the advice laid out in the book.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to write fiction. If you are willing to work hard and are not afraid to accept the slight discomfort that comes with learning something new, I think this book will help you immensely.

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