Book Review: World War Z

Many Stories About Zombies

Max Brooks’ World War Z (2006) is a novel telling many accounts of a zombie apocalypse. The accounts is told by a n agent working for the United Nations. He travels around the world to find investigate the origins of the worldwide undead outbreak.

Many Ways to Skin A Cat

The book does a great job at showing the possible ways many nations might deal with a zombie outbreak. It was interesting to see the many ways different countries might come up to fight the army of the undead. It was a nice change of pace to have the answer to a worldwide problem not come from the U.S.

Human Nature

Brooks does a fantastic job at showing a wide spectrum of human responses. I liked how he explored how people from different economic backgrounds reacted to the catastrophe. I’ve seen this type of concept applied in different zombie movies, but it was always as part of the narrative. Since the socio-economic ramifications of the people fighting zombies is not interesting to movie-goers, directors tend to gloss over it. In this book, Brooks shows the reader a depth to the idea to an extent I’ve never seen before. He takes his time with it too.


Even though Brooks goes in depth with his concepts, the book kept me turning the pages. The threat of the zombies attacking loomed over very event in the book.

Final Thoughts

This is a zombie book, but it’s not a horror book. It’s a zombie book, but it’s not a gory book. If there was gore, I felt it was the right amount. I wouldn’t have kept on reading if it was a gore-fest. If you are a student of the human condition and are wondering how people will react when the end of the world gets here, I highly recommend this book. I think it will give you a new, more mature perspective when the zombie apocalypse happens.

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