Book Review: Waking Gods

What’s It About?

Sylvain Neuvel’s Waking Gods (2017) is the sequel to Sleeping Giants. After figuring out how to partially control a giant robot left on Earth by extraterrestrial beings, a group of scientists must use it to defend the planet from an invasion. Other giant robots have been appearing all over the globe. The scientists have to do everything in their power to be able to stop the invasion while at the same time discovering all the weapons their robot has available.

More Depth

Neuvel’s second novel brought back the storytelling method he used in the first book. This book is written in the epistolary method and he used it to create an amazing experience to the reader. This book, like the first one, uses a series of reports, email, an interview transcripts to tell the story. The stakes are raised in the second book and this made me feel a tad bit frustrated because I wanted the story to be told in the storytelling method technique I’m used to. This drove me to read faster to find out because I needed to know what happened next. Which is exactly what he wanted me to do. Well played, Neuvel, well played.

Final Thoughts

I liked the fact that this book does not talk down to the reader. Neuvel did a fantastic job of taking the reader from one…chapter (for lack of a better word) to the next. Do yourself a favor and read this book, it’s going to be the most original book you’ve ever read.

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