Book Review: Vision Of The Future

Thrawn Is Back

Timothy Zahn’s novel Vision Of The Future (1998) we are thrust into the Star Wars universe one more time. The Empire has been reduced to a few number of planets. A portion of the leadership wants to surrender to the New Republic. There is another section of the empire leadership that does not want to surrender. They want to start a civil war to break apart the new republic.

Wham, Bam Thank You Zahn

Timothy Zahn’s mastery is showcased with every book he writes. He weaves a solid story in well-trod universe. The characters are who we remember them to be and their predicament fits well within the lore.

Action Heavy

I am a huge Star Wars fan and I enjoy explorations into the relationship between the Jedi and the force. This book does not go deep into the relationship. Instead, the pace of the book is the gem to admire here. The tone of the action is similar to the movies, which is not a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

I liked this book and I recommend you to read it. Zahn does a fantastic job of taking the reader George Lucas’ masterpiece yet again. You won’t be disappointed.

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