Book Review: Tower Of Babel

Bodie Hodge’s Tower Of Babel (2013) is an in-depth study of the biblical telling of the Tower Of Babel. He studies every aspect of the event and the ramifications to the present day. The book is filled with charts, pictures and illustrations to help the readers internalize the voluminous research he has done.

A Book For Everyone

This topic is of interest to me, this is the reason why I read the book. However, I know this topic might not interest everyone and I think Hodge knew this might be a possibility and he compensated for it. The language in the book is accessible, anyone can read it and understand what he is conveying to the reader. The tone of the book is light, It really didn’t feel academic at all even though the subject matter tended to take the reader deep into the weeds, his tone felt familiar enough to keep me engaged. I think anyone can read this book and be able to process the information just fine.

Academic Yet Accessible

Just because the tone of the book is not academic, it doesn’t mean the information isn’t good. Hodge took his sweet time with this book and it shows. He is meticulous in citing his sources. Another thing I really liked is Hodge tells his readers when something is his opinion and when something is a fact. He is biased because he believes in the bible, but he doesn’t beat the reader over the head with it. I enjoy the transparency he exhibited.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and read this book. I guarantee you’ll learn a ton and you’ll enjoy it too.

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