Book Review: The Ultimate Silver Surfer

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The Ultimate Silver Surfer book (1995) is a compilation of several short stories about the Silver Surfer. The stories are written by many talented authors and they summarize the origin story of the Silver Surfer. They span from his first interaction with Galactus and to his acceptance of the reality that he lives on Earth now.


I gotta admit, I didn’t know much about the Silver Surfer. My knowledge didn’t go past the now infamous Fantastic 4 movie. I knew a little bit about him; I was really excited to see Galactus in the movie, needless to say I was in for a huge disappointment. Anyways, I read this book because I wanted to learn more about the character. This book delivered on that premise, but it also gave more. It gave me a deep look into the psyche of the Surfer.

Stranger In A Strange Land

The stories in the book sometimes gave me a feeling that the stories were a series of mismatched cobblestones that come together to make a road to lead the reader somewhere. It led them into the mind of the Surfer. Some of the issues the Surfer faces while on Earth are similar to those Superman has: he’s not from here, he has powers and he believes there’s something he can do about it. The difference is that Superman blends in with mankind in order to understand them better; he develops an alter ego (Clarke Kent) to be treated the same as any other human by the other humans. The Silver Surfer does not try to blend in. Maybe it’s because he has traveled to so many different planets as a herald to Galactus and he sees nothing interesting on Earth. Don’t get me wrong, he wants to study and understand mankind better, but he doesn’t care about the effect his presence has on humans. So as a result, he might not get a true look at humans and he’s forever doomed to be unable to identify as one. On top of that, he misses his girl and he is trying to atone for the destruction of the planets he led Galactus to. The dude has issues, but he’s trying to be good. He’s an interesting guy.

Final Thoughts

The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that I felt I was starting from scratch every time I started a new chapter. There was a feeling os slight disjointment between stories I just couldn’t shake. Maybe it was because there was a tone shift in the writing since every chapter was written by a different writer. It wasn’t jarring enough to stop me from enjoying the story though. I recommend this book if you’re looking to learn more about the Silver Surfer. You’ll understand the character more and will identify with him at a deeper level.

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