Book Review: The Rule Of Thoughts

The hunt for Kaine continues in James Dashner’s The Rule Of Thoughts (2016). I’m going to try to write this review without giving out any spoilers. So, after the revelation in the previous book in the series (The Eye Of Minds) our protagonist finds himself in a brave new world. Our protagonist needs to understand what he needs to do in order to strike back against Kaine. HIs first action is to find his best friends and together they will figure out what to do.

Rhythm Of Story

This book was written for for a young adult audience. With this audience in mind, there are certain aspects of stroy telling that the author needs to be aware of. If the author is not aware of these conventions, the audience might get lost. This is the second book in the series, I think Dashner did a magnificent job of writing to them. His word choice and speech patterns are simple enough for anyone to understand. The pace of the story is fast. I felt it was a tad bit slower than the first book, but it was still fast. Dashner kept the chapter structure from the first book. Each chapter is subdivided into smaller sections and at the end of each section there is a cliffhanger. This made me want to turn the pages faster.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this book to any fans of the Maze Runner or of RpgLit. The story is engrossing and the antagonist is astute and evil. I am looking forward to the resolution of the story in the third book.

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