Book Review: The Puzzle of Ancient Man

Donald Chittick’s The Puzzle Of Ancient Man Compendium (1998) is a non-fiction book that takes the reader on a worldwide investigation of ancient sites and technologies. The premise of the book is that ancient societies were more advanced than we give them credit for. Chittick compiled the proof and brings it to the reader.


I enjoyed this book. I think I liked it because it touches on different disciplines to prove it’s point. Chittick starts the book explaining to the reader what his opinion and beliefs are regarding the issue between evolution and creationism. I think this will help the reader view the evidence he presents under a new light. The book is not that long; this is a plus. But I thought Chittick might have taken too long to explain where he is coming from and what the two sides of the issues between the two belief systems of evolution and creationism. I felt the book took too long to get to the evidence.


The evidence Chittick researched to present to the reader is nothing short of amazing. He takes the time to explain the significance of every discovery. He focuses on showing evidence that might seem out of place to the average evolution-believing scientist. The implications of what he shows will force you to view ancient technologies in a different way.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book. If you want to learn more about how ancient civilizations lived, this book is a great starting point. Chittick uses simple language to explain complex topics. I never felt lost no matter how deep into the weeds he went.

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