Book Review: The Punch Escrow

Teleportation Woes

Tal M. Klein’s The Punch Escrow (2017) is set in the future. The year is 2147 and teleportation is the best, most safe way to travel from one place to the other. The company behind the mode of transportation is telling the public that there’s nothing wrong with teleportation; there’s no safer way to travel. This is true until Joel Byram teleports from New York to Costa Rica. He is the victim of a freak accident and this event exposed something sinister about teleportation and this makes Byram a target. If he exposes the secret, the entire teleportation network will crumble.


This book has a lot of information for the reader to digest. Klein gives the reader the background information through the use of footnotes. It took me a bit to get used to reading the footnotes at the bottom of the page, but after a couple of instances I got the hang of it. I think the tone of the footnotes helped me get through them. Klein might have know that footnotes might take away from the reading experience and that’s why he used a light tone in the footnotes.

Perfect Balance

Klein immerses the reader in the science of teleportation. I can tell he put an insane amount of research into the subject matter. After reading the book, I feel like teleportation might be achievable in the not-so-distant future. He gives the reader all the information in the beginning part of the book. Once I knew the science, the story took off. The characters are relatable and feel real. The dialogue is crisp and it propelled the story forward.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the book. The premise was great and the cliffhangers are perfectly placed in the chapters. I liked that some of the chapters were short, it made it seems like the book was shorter than it actually was. It didn’t fell that much like a sci-fi book after the first couple of chapters. Please go read this book, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride.

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