Book Review: The Octopus Agenda

Diane Duane’s The Octopus Agenda (1997) the culmination to The Venom Factor trilogy. In this story Spider-Man faces doctor Octopus as he tries to unleash an attack on New York City.


Duane did an amazing job at capturing Spider-Man’s character essence. We spend a lot of time in Peter Parker’s head and it didn’t feel forced. I liked how Duane approached the relationship between MJ and Peter. They do seem to love each other. The one thing I didn’t like was the amount of chapters dedicated to MJ’s adventures. I think the story would have worked without any of her sections.

Final Thoughts

I thought this book was longer than it needed to be. Duane connect the two previous books in a satisfying way. I recommend this book to any Spider-Man fan wanting to know about the webslinger’s adventures before the MCU came into being.

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