Book Review: The Manga Bible

A New Way To Learn The Stories of the Bible

Siku’s The Manga Bible (2008) is an illustrated retelling of the most popular stories of the bible. The art is fantastic and the stories are true to the source material.

Learning Any Way You Can

I think it’s important for people to learn what the bible says. The stories in the bible teach important principles about God and his character. If you ever had any difficulties in remembering the stories of the bible, you might want to try pictures. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying “Isn’t this just a comic book?” it is and it isn’t. The stories are presented in comic book format, but this book isn’t a comic book. I would call it a graphic novel. What’s the difference? The length. Graphic novels are longer.

Final Thoughts

I am a big proponent in learning any way you can. If you want to learn the stories of the bible, you should give this book a try. Since the vast majority of the book is pictures, you’ll run right through it. The raw style of the illustrations won’t make it seem that you’re learning.

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