Book Review: The Lizard Sanction

Diane Duane’s The Lizard Sanction (2001) is a sequel to The Venom Factor. In it we find Spider-Man investigating strange events at a rocket launchpad in Florida. The Lizard has been seen down there and Spider-Man needs to find what the Lizard wants and stop him if necessary.

Depth of Lizard

Before reading this book, I wasn’t familiar with the Lizard. The knowledge I had of it was what I got from watching the animated show. I gotta say, as far as bad guys go, I didn’t think it was too original. He felt kinda like a photocopy of the Hulk. Anyways, this book gave the character a much-needed depth. I found myself empathizing with the Lizard. The hardship his family has been going through made me want him to win. It was really refreshing to view a character you already knew under a new light.


The connection between this book and the last I found to be tenuous at best. The only thing connecting both stories is Venom and the mentioning of what happened in the previous book once or twice. This didn’t bother me that much because this story can stand on its own quite well. Another thing I enjoyed is the setting of the story. I live in Florida and I enjoyed Duane including some well-known landmarks in the story.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this book to anyone interested in Spider-Man. Even though there is no overarching plot between the last novel and this one, it still is a great read.

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