Book Review: The Incredible Hulk

Peter David’s novelization of The incredible Hulk (2008) movie shines a new light to the story. As with every novelization of movies, the major plot points remain the same, but what we get in this novelization that we don’t in the movie is the genius of Bruce Banner.

One Smart Dude

The Hulk is a superhero of contradictions. In case you don’t know, Bruce Banner is the Hulk. He is a scientist who gets exposed to Gamma radiation and some other chemicals during a research project and he become the Hulk. After the transformation takes place, Banner becomes a ten-foot-tall muscular brute with serious anger issues. The madder he gets, the stronger he becomes. While he is the Hulk, Banner cannot control his actions. He is reacts to everything and he is focused in the short-term repercussions of his actions. When he’s not the Hulk, Banner is a pretty cool guy. He’s mellow and smart; a complete opposite of the Hulk. What I like about the Hulk is that it holds a mirror to us all. There are some aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, but they’re powerful and able to wreak havoc if left unchecked.

Final Thoughts

I liked how David captured the internal conflict Bruce Banner is going through as he changes back and forth between the Hulk. I think this struggle is better appreciated in the written form than in the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. I just think that since the novel gives us the benefit of inhabiting Banner’s head as he goes through the story. Please do yourself a favor and read this book. I think it might be better than merely watching the movie.

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