Book Review: The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: The Moonstone’s Curse

Sam Sicilianos’ The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (2017) is a book featuring the greatest literary detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. In this story we find the detective getting hired by someone looking to protect a priceless jewel. The client insists that Holmes is the only one capable of preventing anyone from stealing the rumored Moonstone.


The story is written from Henry Vernier, Sherlock’s cousin. This is the first Sherlock Holmes book  I’ve ever read so, I suspect that telling the story through the viewpoint of another character is a convention of the Sherlock Holmes books. I kinda wanted to be in Holmes’ head though. But whatever, the story worked. Siciliano captured Sherlock’s world to the last detail. I felt immersed in the time period to a spectacular degree. His description of the characters coupled with the dialogue made them jump from the page.


I liked the pace of the story and the twists were engaging enough to keep me turning the pages. Siciliano takes his time when he needs to, but the story doesn’t suffer for it.

Final Thoughts 

I highly recommend to any Sherlock Holmes fans out there. It’s not that long and the resolution is satisfying.

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