Book Review: The Eye Of Minds

James Dashner’s The Eye Of Minds (2013) is about Michael. He’s just a regular teenager who spends a lot of time in the VirtNet. Him and his two best friends play video games and talk about anything and everything. But not everything is right in the VirtNet. There has been a series of attacks on some users. Usually if you die in the VirtNet, you’re alive in the real world. But users have been harmed in real life and Michael get tasked to find whoever’s responsible before the next attack takes place.

Tight Story

There are a couple of things I found interesting about this book. The first one is the economy of storytelling. I think this book is geared at a Young Adult audience (you wouldn’t believe the looks I got as I looked through the Young Adult section at my local library, people thought I was a creep) this meant the book was relatively short. I guess if you want to keep the attention of a young person, that’s one of the ways to do it. The other aspect I liked about the book is how the story were divided. Each chapter is subdivided into smaller sections and the cliffhangers are placed at the end of each section. This made me want to keep the pages turning.

Final Thoughts

The story was good. I liked how the main character went through the different difficulties and the plot twist at the end tied it all together perfectly. This book is the first one in the trilogy and I think it’s a solid opening act. I recommend you go and read this book, you won’t regret it.

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