Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home (2008) is a comic book compilation written by Robin Furth, Peter David, Jae Lee and Richard Isanove based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. The story continues where the previous compilation left off. Roland and his friends have completed their mission and have to run back home before a posse of evil men kill them.

World Building

This is the second book in the compilation series I’ve read and the strongest theme is the setting. The world in the story is a grim, dark one. Everything seems to be in a state of decomposition because of a nuclear never or war. The interesting thing is that the main characters are not technologically inclined. It seems the story either takes place in an alternate reality or in a dystopian future. It doesn’t really matter because of the rhythm of the story and the depth of the characters. Every character in the story feels real and the writers made them have a backstory. It made me care about what happens to them.

Final Thoughts

Please go and read this book. It’s not a happy story but it will take you to another place. And it will creep you out.

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