Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born (2007) is a compilation of the comic book series based on his popular series of novels. This compilation follows the main character of the story, the gunslinger named Roland Deschain, from the very beginning. King takes the reader back in time to the day Roland became a gunslinger. He and his ka-tet, a group of lifelong friends/posse, are tasked with a mission. They have to go to a town and procure horses for an upcoming war, but they discover a small town filled with corrupt and evil men at the employ of a much greater evil. Roland and his friends must do anything they can to carry out their mission and report back to their hometown.


The colors used in the graphic novel gave the novel a unique tone. The colors are bright and the lines are sharp, but the lighting is dark. The universe Roland lives in is not a happy place. It’s a world in decay and fast approaching its last day. It’s a world were not everything survives and even technology has a hard time existing. The artist decided to communicate to the reader with bright colors and shadows. It’s a unique mixture, it’s as if they don’t mix well, but they made it work.

Final Thoughts

I have already read the entire book series and it was a cool opportunity to visit the world a second time. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Stephen King fans will love it and even if you’re not a King fan, I guarantee you’ll enjoy following the Gunslinger.

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