Book Review: The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead

Robin Furth, Peter David and Richard Isanove are the authors of The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead (2011). They have taken upon themselves a most noble task: to write in Stephen King’s Dark Tower universe. So… you know, no pressure. But don’t worry, they did a great job


The book is part 4 of the prequel series about Roland Deschain, the main character in the Dark Tower novels. In this installment the readers learn the sad story of the fall of Gilead, Roland’s homeland. We learn the ethics and training that Roland received when he was a boy. It’s a land rich with history and traditions. This sheds a light on why Roland’s character is the way he is.


I couldn’t help but think of Shakespeare’s  works when reading this book. The whole story has a Hamletian (not sure it’s a word, but I’m  going with it) quality to it. The illustrations do the job. They are sparse in detail and the dialogue is immersive. Top these elements with a rather dark color palette and the tone of the story takes on a sad quality. It’s  a really cool effect to take in.

Final Thoughts 

I highly  recommend this book to any Stephen King fan. Just a word of warning: don’t expect the story to have a happy ending.

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