Book Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Based On The Movie

Greg Cox’s The Dark Knight Rises (2012) is the novelization of Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Dark Knight Rises. The novel follows the plot of the movie and it adds to the story by allowing the reader to peek into the minds of the characters.


Cox did a great job in keeping the tone of the novel on par with the movie. I think Batman is a troubled character. His parents died when he was young and because of this tragedy he puts on a costume at night and fights crime; the dude has issues. This makes for an interesting trip into his mind. Cox showed the reader Batman’s thinking process as he fought to save Gotham. Even though I read this book after I saw the movie, I felt my pulse quicken as I read the action sequences and fights against Bane. The descriptions and pace of the story felt right and kept me turning the pages.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this book. It’s not every day I get to peek into Batman’s mind. This alone is worth the price of the book. I recommend this book to any Batman fan.

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