Book Review: The Connector Manager

Jaime Roca and Sari Wilde’s The Connector Manager (2019) is a nonfiction business book focused on teaching managers how to be the best manager, no matter what industry they’re working for. The book bases its findings on extensive research and real-life examples.

Examples Galore

This book is filled with interesting real life examples. The method the authors used is a simple one, present a hypothesis and them back it up. What I found mind-blowing about the book is how they broke down the styles of managers into four basic ones. As I read the description of every type of manager I couldn’t help but remember the various managers I’ve had either in my previous jobs or volunteering opportunities. The hard part of the book is the test they ask you to take to determine what type of manager you are. I was surprised by the results. I was the worst type of manager. It was a humbling and eye opening experience.


The language and sentence structure in the book is clear and to the point. They also included diagrams who always help the reader digest the information.

Final Thoughts

Please get this book. I learned so much from it. Yeah, it showed me some flaws I need to work on, but that’s exactly why you read this type of book. I guarantee you won’t be the same person after you finish this book.

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