Book Review: The Chase

History And Fiction

Clive Cussler’s The Chase (2007) is a historical fiction novel that introduces a new character: Detective Isaac Bell. The story takes place in 1906. There is a criminal committing a string of robberies, killing all witnesses and disappearing without a trace. Bell is determined to stop him no matter what.

Clive “Adventure” Cussler

Clive Cussler is the man. He is the master of merging history with fiction and blending it all together with a dash of adventure. This novel immerses the reader in the early 1900’s and takes them on a fantastic chase across the country. Cussler did his research and he used it with great atmospheric effect. Historical novels have a tendency to drag out. I feel this happens because the author wants to create the right ambiance for the reader; this means making sure that every historical detail is correct. As a result, the pace of the story tends to slow down. The story is filled with twists and high-speed chases. The historical facts never get in the way of the story. Everything feels natural.


Cussler made the characters pop out of the book.He got the speech patterns right. I felt Isaac Bell was a more active Sherlock Holmes. His deductions are believable and do a great job of driving the story forward.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book. The action is fast and the changing point of view between the antagonist and Isaac Bell created a sense of urgency as the reader learns how dangerous the antagonist can be.

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