Book Review: The Boys Omnibus Vol. 1

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys Omnibus Vol. 1 (2006) is a new take on the superhero genre. This book is a compilation of the comic book series by the same name. In the story superheroes exist in the world and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Billy Butcher is a government agent with a shadowy past determined to control the superheroes. He’s the one who’ll step in if a superhero steps out of line.


We live at the mercy of Superman. The day that he decides he wants to turn bad, there’s almost no one who can stop him. This is the core idea behind The Boys. But in their universe there are a couple of powerful beings with major character flaws and dark proclivities. The writers wanted to show the reader that there are no good people in the world and everyone should keep each other in check.

The Looks

The illustrations top notch, there wasn’t a confusing frame in the entire book. The thing I have an issue with is the mature content. I understand this series is geared to mature audiences, but at times it seems they beat the audience over the head with it. They could have toned it down a couple of notches and still have gotten the same result. Let me put it this way. I have watched the TV show and the story line on it is solid. It’s different from the one in the comic. They toned down a lot of the mature content in the TV show. Thank goodness they did, the show might not be as good if they hadn’t changed it.

Final Thoughts

I liked the core idea and the story line deals with interesting issues, but the over the top mature content might not be for everyone. If you have delicate sensitivities it would be better for you to skip this series.

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