Book Review: Techniques Of The Selling Writer

The How To Write a Novel Book

When I decided to become a writer, I knew I needed to read everything I could. When I was in school I always got good grades, but to write at the level I wanted I knew I had to educate myself. This book was the third book I ran across when I began to research about writing fiction. I have read many books since then, but this book is something else.


Dwight V. Swain’s Techniques Of The Selling Writer (1974). The principles and tips in this book are the basis of writing commercial fiction. The examples are clear, practical and eye-opening. I couldn’t put this book down. Every chapter gave me hope I could write anything I wanted to. It guided me as to what areas of my writing I need to improve. My favorite section was the one explaining how to describe action. I have yet to find a clearer explanation on the subject.

Final Thoughts

Please go out, find and read this book. If you’ve ever wondered how to write fiction, this book will help you. I guarantee it.

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