Book Review: Star Wars Legends: The Rebellion Volume 3

This book was published in (2021) but the comics gathered to create it were published many years ago and it shows. The stories take place before The Empire Strikes Back. Our heroes need a base for the rebellion and they go from works to world trying not find a world while at the same time winning worlds over to the rebellion. 


The book feature many different comic book styles. The first couple of stories are good, but the style detract from the storyline. It’s as if the writers were aiming the stories at kids. I’m not sure how long ago they were published but I think it was in the early days of the franchise. The middle section of the book, the style gives the story a sense of gravitas that pulls the reader in. It creates a nice contrast from the beginning. And then we get to the last section. So, what they did is they took a series of 3D comics and added them a the end of the book. But they didn’t make them 3D, they made they black and white. On top of that, the writing is a little hamfisted and geared toward children.

Final Thoughts

I get the sense that during the early days of the Star Wars franchise everyone thought it was going to be for children. So, I guess this is the reason why the last couple of stories look the way they do. This book is a mixed bag. The middle stories of the book are the best. Once you’ve read them, you’re pretty much done with the book.

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