Book Review: Star Wars Legends: The Rebellion Vol. 2

Star Wars Legends: The Rebellion Vol. 2 (2017) is a compilation of comics set in the Star Wars Universe. The authors for this compilation are: Brian Wood, Ron Marz, Jeremy Barlow, Randy Stradley, Ryder Windham, Mika W. Barr & Henry Gilroy. The events in this compilation take place between Episodes IV and V.

Darth Vader on the Move

The rebels destroyed the first Death Star. They almost killed Darth Vader. Those two events are the last thing we see at the end of A New Hope. Once The Empire Strikes Back starts the rebels get attacked at Hoth. The audience doesn’t get to see what Darth did between the two movies. This compilation shows it’s readers the extent of Darth Vader’s determination. He will do anything to stamp out the rebellion in order to get back on the Emperor’s good graces. At one point in the story, I felt the amount of pressure Vader was under from the Emperor. I understood why he is so ruthless with the people under him. Yes, it’s the way of the Sith and a terrible managing style, but it gets results. We don’t understand the amount of work it takes to run an empire. This series of stories made the Star Wars universe more vibrant than before.


There were a couple not stories where I thought the characters made choices outside of what I’m used to seeing them. It’s a minor issue that doesn’t detract from the stories and it only happens one or two times.


There are a couple of styles in this compilation. I liked some better than others, not because they were of.poor quality, but I think it’s because I tend to like realism in comics. Some of the styles felt immature and it made me realize I was reading a comic. Other styles were more immersive, but I think this is a personal preference and not a lack of talent on behalf of the artists.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely recommend this book. It will expand your knowledge of how the empire works and it will show you how ruthless Darth Vader was.

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