Book Review: Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Clone Wars Vol. 2

The Clone Wars Vol. 2 (2018) is the second compilation of Star Wars comics. The stories in this volume have to do with the clone wars. We get to know Anakin more and we also get more of a backstory to how Palpatine came into power.


This is by far the saddest most raw series of Star Wars stories I have ever read. At times they don’t seem like part of the universe at all. The stories deal with the harshness of war and the sacrifices the Jedi order made in order to keep some sort of order as they try to stop the separatists. It’s one of the best compilations I’ve ever read.


The colors and drawings are vibrant and full of details. The frame set up is clean and makes the reader get lost in the story. The frame sequence was clear and kept the story going at a brisk pace.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and read this book. The stories are full of emotion and will make you feel invested in the outcome of the Clone Wars.

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