Book Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) is an exploration into the characters of an already great story. In case you haven’t seen the movie here’s a break down: a terrorist attacks the federation and James T. Kirk along with the crew of the Enterprise are tasked to bring him to justice. But not everything is as it seems. Kirk must discover the whole truth and protect his crew in the process.

Deeper Into The Story

Foster is the man when you want a novelization of your movie. I’ve gotten a chance to read a couple of his novelization and I discovered something new this time around. Foster adopts the tone of whatever world he’s writing in. Think about it. I don’t quite know the process behind the novelization of a movie, but I figured that it might fall into one of two scenarios. Scenario one: in order to capitalize on the popularity of the movie, they send Foster the screenplay and he has to digest the story, extrapolate the tone and add the characters’ thoughts into the novel. Scenario two: they send him the finished movie before it gets released. At this point, the tone of the story might be easier to figure out, but still he has to add the characters’ thoughts. Either scenario the timeline to deliver has to be short. I can’t imagine working under such pressure. And he gets to do it again and again. The consistency of the quality of the work is high. The stories get better by the time he finishes. There is more information and if you liked the movie, you will want to read the novelization of it.

Final Thoughts

I know the Kelvin timeline might be anathema to the die-hard Star Trek fans, so I know the the following statement might make some of you bristle: give this story a chance. The pace of the story is just right and the chemistry of the crew is present in every page. And the book reminded me is Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, which if you ask me is worth the price of the movie.

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