Book Review: Star Trek: Enterprise: Live By The Code

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Christopher L. Bennet’s book Live By The Code (2016) is a story set in the Star Trek: Enterprise universe created for the show by the same name. The story opens at a time when Jonathan Archer is no longer the captain of the Enterprise. The crew members of the original ship are spread all over the galaxy. But there is a new threat they need to face; it’s called the Ware. The Ware is a new technology spreading in different sectors of the galaxy. This technology gives everything to whoever wants its help. There is a catch; it requires payment. The payment is the enslavement of an organic brain in order to aid in the computations. They have to figure out a way to stop it before it spreads all over the galaxy.

Ethics Of Sovereignty

I liked a conflict this book argues. There are certain worlds and entire civilizations that have grown accustomed to living with the Ware. They have figured out different ways to coexist with the Ware. Some have found volunteers to serve the Ware so that the civilization can get all its technology from the Ware. This made the civilizations to be depended on the Ware. All their native industries and innovation stopped since the Ware supplied everything for them.

The Federation’s Help

The federation knows the Ware is evil. They don’t understand why it was created and don’t know what is its final goal. They just know that it will do what it wants, no matter who it hurts or even kills. They made it their goal to eradicate the Ware from the face of the galaxy. The thing is that some of the planets don’t want to be saved. They are fine the way they are and want to be left alone to live with the Ware. The Federation now has a difficult choice to make: do they ignore what the planet inhabitants want and take the Ware away? Or do they listen to them and leave them alone? Things become more complicated when they realize that if they do decide to remove the Ware, millions of citizens might suffer and some might even die. These civilizations are addicted to the Ware and the federation does not have the resources to take them through withdrawal. What would you do?

Final Thoughts

I liked this book. It brought me into its world and placed me in the character’s shoes. It made me think “What would I do?”. I know the Star Trek franchise is not for everyone and there are some storylines that might be better understood if you watched the show, but this book is so much more than an addition to the show. The ethical issue I spoke I think is interesting enough for anyone to read.

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