Book Review: Star Trek: Distant Shores

Star Trek Voyager: Distant Shores (2005) edited by Marco Palmieri is a collection of short stories written by different authors taking place in between episodes of the show. The stories expand on the events the Voyager as it makes its way home.

Character Expansion

The stories take the viewpoint of different characters. I enjoyed how each writer got the tone of the characters just right. Even though I had already seen the show I couldn’t help myself from turning the pages.

Different Stories

I have to admit, I liked some of the stories better than others. I think it was because I prefer stories that take the protagonist through a series of external adversities. Some of them took the characters though a major internal character shift. It’s not that the stories were poorly written, I enjoyed the prose, they just weren’t my cup of tea. The one draw back I had to do was go back and research the events in the episodes so I could link them to the short stories. Before each story begins the author explains where in the timeline the story will take place, but you might have to remind yourself what was going on in the show to fully comprehend the weight of the events in the short story. Expect to do some research.

Final Thoughts

If you are a die-hard Star Trek: Voyager fan you have to read this book. If you haven’t read a Star Trek novel before, I recommend you start with the show first.

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