Book Review: Saga Volume 5

Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ (illustrator) Saga Volume 5 (2015) is the fifth installment of the Saga story. This part of the story deals with the similarities we have with others.


The Saga universe is diverse. The plethora of characters, races both alien and human is mind boggling. It seems like every time I turn a page there’s a new aspect of the universe being exposed. The good thing is that it feels natural. The characters manage the nuance of the universe with realism. To this diversity, the writer adds a family theme. They show the reader how different the protagonist and antagonists are, but at the same time they show us how they love their family. They wanted to show how deep down we’re all the same. It’s a little kumbaya and everything, but they do an effective job in communicating it.


So, since this series is geared for adults, I understand why they show all the violence and mature themes. Plus, I think it’s man effective way to demonstrate how the real world can be ruthless and uncaring. However, at times it seems too much. I think this might drive away certain people. It’s a weird contrast how a fantastic family story can be presented in such a ruthless environment.

Final Thoughts

The Saga story is good, but the mature themes and bloody images might be too strong at times. So read it and make sure to keep it away from your children.

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