Book Review: Saga: Volume 4

Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ (illustrator) Saga Volume 4 (2014) is the fourth installment in the Saga story. In this section of the story we find our family hding from everyone who wants to kill them. They find a place where they can remain safe and they begin to grow roots, but the dangers of suburban life creep in to threaten the family.


The Saga universe is a very weird place to find a story about family. But here it is, In all its mature glory. This section of the comic book series shows the reader out protagonists living their “suburban” life. And just like in every story contrasting suburban life and a more nomadic a.k.a. “Free” lifestyle, they showed the dangers of suburbia. Yes the family is safer, but what is the cost? Are what you are sacrificing because you live in suburbia worth it for what you get in return? How much are you willing to sacrifice for your child?


I liked how in this book, the characters are forced to mature. They endure the pain of parenting while at the same time dealing with assassins incoming out to kill them. I actually witnessed the characters maturing in front of me. It was a great read.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Saga doesn’t pull any punches. This book deals with a lot of mature themes not suitable for children. It contains violence blood and sex, if you are sensitive to this type of subject matter, my advice is to stay away. But the story is becoming more complicated the more I read. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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