Book Review: Saga Volume 2

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ (Illustrator) Saga Volume 2 (2013) Is the second installment of the continuing story of Saga. This volume deals with the backstory of some of the main characters. The illustrations are top notch and the writing is stellar. The cliffhangers are perfectly timed and kept me turning the pages.


Yes, this comic series is not designed for children, but the themes they deal with are worth talking about. Without giving away many spoilers, this section of the story deals with boundaries and family. It raises the question of what would you do for your family? Who do we consider family? Can a friend be as close as family.These themes might feel all warm and fuzzy, but rest assured the template around it is not warm and fuzzy. I think the writers did this to show the reader the relationship we have with our family can exist in a messed up, bloody, war-torn world. They want the readers to take stock and appreciate the relationship they have with their family because our lives depend on it. Knowing who your family is, knowing how to interact with them is crucial to our survival.

Final Thoughts

I’m curious to see where the Saga story goes. The characters are likeable, alien and familiar all at the same time. The world the story takes place in is weird. It’s a mixture of magic, space and violence. Again, I think this was done on purpose to show the real danger we face if we face this life alone.

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