Book Review: Saga: Volume 1

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ (Illustrator) Saga Volume 1 (2014) is a story about a family trying to survive in a harsh universe. Marko and Alana are two lovers fro two opposing factions of a war. They fell I love and had a child and now everyone wants to kill them and take their child.


First and foremost let me just say just because Saga is a graphic novel doesn’t mean it’s suitable for children. There’s cursing and mature material in the story line. Since this is compilation, the structure is not what you’d call conventional. One the plus side, there are twists more frequently than in the regular.novel. I guess the writers wanted to make sure readers bought the next installment of the comic.


The major themes in this compilation are war, love and family. The characters have to do the impossible to survive. They must come together to save their daughter in a dangerous environment. The choices they make throughout the story are tough one and each one they make shows the reader more of the character.

Final Thoughts

Even though this is just the beginning of the series, I’m already hooked. I recommend this book to any adult interested in a story with depth and action. Again, not suitable for children.

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