Book Review: Ready Player Two

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player Two (2020) is the sequel to the excellent Ready Player One. After winning the contest to basically own the internet, Wade Watts discovers another clue in the easter egg. This clue appeared after a new technology gets introduced to the public. This new way to access the OASIS has the potential to change the world. A new threat from the OASIS emerges and threatens to kill a large portion of the population. Wade and his friends must come together to solve the puzzle in order to save the world.

Social Commentary

This story has a long section of explanation at the beginning of the book. This section is basically an exposition of where the world is now. Cline is warning us about the future. Society is totally dependent on the internet and there is no stopping it now. His novels are basically a cautionary tale of what could happen if we are not careful. If left unchecked, society as a whole will escape into the Internet and try to forget the problems in the real world.


This story pulled me in. Once the first section of the story was over, I felt that I was living in the world of the book. The characters feel familiar and the pace of the story was fun. I feel connected to the characters as they tried to solve the puzzles. Cline presents the reader with a rich world in which the characters move and play and fight. There were times where the novel seem a little bit repetitive, but I don’t care. I enjoyed the first book and the story feel like an extension of the first one. The balance of comedy in action said in an adventure story was very, very entertaining to me.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and get this book. If you like the first one you have to read the second one. I also recommend the movie even though the book is way better than the movie.

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