Book Review: Predator: Cold War

Nathan Archer’s Predator: Cold War (1997) takes place in Siberia. A series of grisly murders of soviet citizens brings a group of russian soldiers against the ones responsible. The nature of the murder attracts the attention of someone in the US army. Someone who knows where the murderers come from and the extent of the danger they bring to our planet.

Biased To The Max

I have to admit, I kinda have a soft spot for the  Predator franchise. It’s just so quintessential 80’s.This book does not disappoint. There were so many cringe-worthy moments, but I love the story anyways. It brings back some of the characters of Archer’s previous Predator book. I really cared about the characters and I wanted to find out if they were going to overcome their enemies. Which, I gotta say, as far as bad guys go, the Predators are up there. They’re just so powerful and ruthless. It makes the reader become invested in the story and it makes the end more satisfying.

Final Thoughts

This book feels like a time capsule. There were a couple of spots where the story showed signs of its age (the lack of cell phones for example), but other than that, the story was engrossing. I enjoyed the way Archer kept rising the stakes with complications and twists as the story progressed. I recommend this story to anyone interested in this franchise, but be warned, there is some gore in the book. I feel like this book had more gore than the previous one. It’s still a fantastic Predator story though, worthy of its place in the franchise.

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