Book Review: Predator: Big Game

Sandy Schoefield is the pen name for husband-and-wife writing team Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Instead of writing their names over and over again I’ll just address the team as Schofield. Sandy Schoefield’s Predator: Big Game (1999) takes the Predator story to the desert. A small town comes face to face against one of the psychotic hunters from alien space. A Navajo soldier sets out to stop the hunter to protect the town.

More Psycho Than Before

Schoefield amped the toughness factor for this story. Even though the formula is predictable at this point, they made the predator tougher, more ruthless and it seemed stronger than the other two previous books in the franchise I’ve read. The protagonist in this story is a perfect match for the predator. He is not strong, he’s a soldier, but he doesn’t have a high rank and he seems a little insecure. The predator is nothing like him, the predator is a self-actualized, lean, mean killing machine. I enjoyed their struggle.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this book to the die-hard fans of the franchise only. It has the most gore out of the three books I’ve read in the genre. Stay away if you have a queasy literary stomach.

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