Book Review: Outbound Flight

Kinda Like Titanic, But Not Really

Timothy Zahn’s Outbound Flight (2006) tells the story of the doomed exploratory mission into the Unknown Regions of the universe. Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth pushed to have the galactic senate fund an expedition to search for extragalactic life. This book is a prequel Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy( Heir To The Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command).

Space Iceberg

I usually don’t give any spoilers in my reviews, but I’m going to break this rule right now. The expedition doesn’t make it too far. There, I said it. Why would you read this book? Because Zahn is a master, that’s why. The way he weaves the story of the doomed flight nothing short of amazing.

Final Thoughts

I usually don’t like stories with a sad ending, but there is no avoiding it in this case. If you read the Thrawn Trilogy, you already know the fate of the flight. But, please, don’t let this dissuade you from reading this awesome book.

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