Book Review: Only Human

The Story Continues

Sylvain Neuvel’s Only Human (2018) picks up where the last book left off. A group of humans inside a giant robot end up in another planet. This planet is where the giant robot was originally built. They have to figure out a way to get back to Earth. When they left Earth inside the robot, they left a power vacuum which rearranged the power structure of nations.


This book like the two previous in the series are told in the epistolary style. This means the whole story unfolds through interview transcripts and transcriptions of audio interviews that took place between different characters of the book.

Ramifications Of A Power Shift

Neuvel presents various viewpoint as to how world superpowers should behave. Does might make right? Should a nation do something just because they are able to? Should all nations run to make the most powerful weapon? I thought it was an interesting way to present all possible sides to the argument.

Final Thoughts

I liked this book. I think it brought a nice ending to the trilogy. I don’t recommend beginning the trilogy with this book though, I don’t think it’s a standalone book, it kinda needs the previous two books for the story to feel complete.

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