Book Review: Odd Hours

Never A Dull Moment

Dean Koontz’s Odd Hours (2008) follows Odd Thomas after the events of the previous novel. He decides to to stop at a town and he sees a girl he saw in his dreams. A group of thugs attack him and he get separated from the girl. He goes looking for her and this unleashes a series of events that drive the novel.

Surprised Every Time

This is the fourth Odd Thomas I’ve read and every time I read them, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. If you read my review of the previous three novels you’ll notice that even though Odd Thomas is the same character across the books, the stories aren’t serialized. The only thing that remains the same throughout the books are Odd Thomas and his special abilities, everything else is new every time.

TV Show and Novels

When I see a police procedural show on TV, I know what to expect. Cops, guns, maybe a murder, an investigation and resoultion. If the show doesn’t have these elements, it’s going to be a boring one. Koontz did a magnificent job of turning this convention on its head. When I read an Odd Thomas novel, I know there will be a couple of supernatural present in the story, but everything else in the novels is different. Some of the other series I’ve read keep similar elements over the course of the books. Koontz immerses the reader in a new experience with every book and manages to keep the reader turning the pages.

Story Architecture

Koontz is a master storyteller. There is no unnecessary facts in the book. Everything in there is designed to show the reader something. I think the leanness gave the story the perfect pace. I didn’t feel the story dragging at any point. The end result is complete immersion of the reader.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. The story is great and Odd Thomas is a likeable character and his adventures are a great read.

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