Book Review: Null Set

The Cas Russell Saga

S. L. Huang’s Null Set (2019) continues Cad Russell’s adventure as she tries to save Los Angeles. Because of the events in the previous book, the time has spiked in the city and Russell puts into action a drastic plan to save it. In case you missed the first book, Cad is no ordinary girl; she is really good at math. Her brain is able to process vectors, angles and trajectories at a moment’s notice. As a result of this, she has perfect aim and she knows how hard to throw a marble so it can knock out two people as they run away from her. Like I said, she’s really good at math.

Inside and Outside

This book is the second in a trilogy. The first book has a lot more action scenes than this book. Null Set felt more about Russell’s internal struggle. As a result of this, the pace of the book is slower than the first book. I am not saying this book is boring though, not at all. I think Huang did a magnificent job in balancing the internal struggle with the external strife the protagonist goes through.


Cas Russell is a spitting image of Trinity from The Matrix movies. If you haven’t seen the movies, I highly recommend you go out and see them. I mean, really. They defined a generation of movies. But forgive me, I digress. The characters in Null Set are so we’ll, defined they practically poked me in the eye. Their speech patterns are perfect.

Final Thoughts

Even though I liked the first book better than this one, the book is still a solid one. I think the abilities the protagonist has are a fantastic concept. If you are in the market for an action read, please go and read this book.

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