Book Review: Mr. Mercedes

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Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes (2014) is a story about a retired detective resuming a hunt for a killer. Hodges is a retired detective who is in the beginning stages of depression. His world gets up ended when he receives a letter from a killer taunting him for not catching him before he retired. The letter sparks something in the detective and it drives him to forget about retirement and resume the hunt for the killer.


The only issue I have with this book is the pace. When I finished reading, I didn’t feel like a lot happened in it, but whatever did take place, I felt invested in it. King shows his mastery at storytelling by pulling the reader in and making them care about every event in the investigation. There are a couple of disturbing passages, but they happen when we dive into the killer’s mind. He made the killer one messed up dude. He made him evil and disgusting at the same time. I despised the killer. Which I thought was interesting because the book is titled after the killer and not the protagonist.

Final Thoughts

King is a great writer. I did feel the book could have been shorter in some spots, but I understand the intent of making sure the reader is invested in wha happened in the story. All his characters felt real and unique. They all had their distinct quirks and the dialogue flowed from scene to scene. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read any of Stephen King’s books. I think it’s one of his tamer ones.

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